The flavors that we wanted didn't exist,

So we created them!

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Hús Specialista

One of the best butcher shops in the city, Hús Specialista can be found in the Klauzál tér Market. Their selection of quality meat is simply outstanding.

Bocca Gourmet Stories

A new culinary shop in Budapest. The selection of Bocca Gourmet Stories includes almost everything from the world's best quality food products.


Premium meat shops in Budapest. Find us in Rózsakert Mall, Hegyvidék Mall, or in GOBUDA Mall.


The place worth traveling for. Kisvilla is a cozy little villa not far from Budapest. A cafe, bistro and deli in one, where you can even have lunch.

Veranda Delikát

A small deli that serves up delicious sandwiches and salads made with the fresh ingredients.

Kis Borsó Gasztro

A wide selection of premium local cheese, sauces, smoked meat and wines.

Sercli Café

Café and deli in Budajenő, packed with local treasures.

Libra Delikát

A cozy place in Vác for those who like good food and specialty coffee.

Aladár Cafe & Deli

Wide variety of local and international goodies in this small deli, which is hidden gem in 12th district of Budapest.

Szega Market

A gourmet grocery store in the heart of Buda, in the Budagyöngye Shopping Center, which opened its doors in 1994.

Füge Shop and Cafe

The pantry of Gellért Hill. It primarily operates as a quality grocery store, full of special delicacies.

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Without any exaggeration, I can say that I have never eaten such a delicacy before! You are so cool!


Giant! Smoky, sweet, just really good!


I didn't like BBQ sauce until now, but when I tasted this, that changed.


Brutally delicious!


I have never tasted better than this!